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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Missouri Aviation Historical Society Holds Meeting Tomorrow

Message from the Missouri Aviation Historical Society:

The Missouri Aviation Historical Society is an informal group of folks with a love of aircraft, and we are striving to record and document the rich aviation history that has been a part of the great state of Missouri for the past century. From Benoist to Zenith, the aviation industry in the "Show Me" state has always been at the forefront of technology, and has produced some of the world’s best known aircraft. Famous pilots, from Jimmy Doolittle, to Slim Lindbergh, all called Missouri home for a portion of their lives, and made significant contributions to the advancement of aviation. One of our goals is to establish a Missouri Aviation Hall of Fame.

While our initial focus is on Missouri aviation history, we do welcome all regions of the country, as well as International interests. We meet six times per year at 190 Carondelet Plaza, Suite 600, St. Louis, MO 63105. We also send out a quarterly newsletter. Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, October 13th at 7 PM, and will feature a presentation on the Lockheed P-38 Lightning.  Hope to see you there!


david said...

Fellow pilots. It is gratifying to find there is an enthuiastic group of pilots in good ole Missouri. I was born and raised in Missouri and my neighbors got together (draft board) and kicked me out of the state. I was stationed in Virginia while my family is in Missouri. I am a pilot with all ratings (airplanes) a designated Pilot examineer and the recipent of the FAA "Wright Brothers master pilot", Awarded in the year of 2009. Since i received my early flight training in Missouri I would like to belong to your society in support of Missouri Aviation. Thank you,
David E. Pearce Ppipercub @ Master Pilot, Designate pILOT EXAMINER, Flight instructor CFI, Multi, cfia, etc. Over 20,000 hours as instructor/examiner, ATP.Owner of two piper cubs and a Piper Aztec, multi engine (used for ATP training.) PS. I gave the former gouvenors daughter the Instrument Flight test in Her Bonanza. Seems she is now running for the Senate

Carmelo Turdo said...

Dear Mr. Pearce,

It is an honor to hear from you. One of the leaders of the group will contact you shortly!