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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cessna Skycatcher Due to Arrive at Air Associates, Spirit of St. Louis Airport, for Pilot Training

Air Associates Announcement: Skycatcher is Finally Here!

The skycatcher is arriving tomorrow at Air Associates! The plane will be renting for $115 an hour, or $109 an hour block rate.

We will be offering a $75 intro flight (30 minutes) to anyone who is interested in taking an introductory flight in the new Skycatcher! Or if you are a sport or private pilot, come on out and get a rental checkout for only $179.

The checkout includes 1 hour of ground and 1 hour of flight with an instructor, if it takes longer you will pay the additional time. You must have, at least, your sport pilot license to do a checkout. These special will run through the end of June.

Are you or someone you know interested in getting your sport pilot license? All you needs is your driver's license and have never had your medical certificate suspended or revoked.

You can use the Skycatcher to build time towards private, instrument and commercial rating! If you have a private pilot license this plane is capable of flying at night, unlike many other Light Sport Aircraft!

Come to Air Associates and check it out or call to set up a intro flight or a checkout! We are very excited about this new arrival!!

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