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Saturday, July 30, 2011

CC Pocock, South African Bush Pilot, Scheduled to Speak at St. Louis Downtown Airport Fire Station August 2, 7p.m.

Everything he learned the hard way, they will learn his way.

A gritty new docu-series follows legendary bush pilot CC Pocock each week as he toughens up American pilots at his bush and mountain flying school, chases car thieves as a part-time pursuit pilot, and manages some of the world’s most interesting air traffic at his grass strip in the Crocodile River Mountains, South Africa.

In the sky, CC teaches everything he learned the hard way, including how to survive the wind conditions, mechanical failures and stall scenarios that kill hundreds of pilots every year. Based at his home and airfield for 72 hours, his students (ranging from airline captains to celebrity pilots) master CC’s unorthodox methods and experience his whirlwind life tracking stolen cars, cooking and “carrying on” in his Bush Pilot’s Pub and “shooing” the occasional spitting cobra from his hangar.

For CC, it’s just another week in the bush. For his guests, it’s a three-day adventure that will transform them as pilots and people, and could someday save their lives.

Meet CC and hear his stories Tuesday August 2, 2011 -- 7:00 pm St. Louis Downtown Airport Fire Station
6100 Archview Drive
Cahokia, IL 62206-1445

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