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Friday, February 3, 2012

EAA Webinars Cover a Host of Aviation Topics

By Carmelo Turdo
Upcoming webinars include the following topics and presenters:

February 7 - 7 p.m. CST
How to Use MedXPress, The FAA online medical application
Presenter: Gregory Pinnell, MD

February 8 - 7 p.m. CST
UL Power Aero Engines
Presenter: Robert Helms

February 15 - 7 p.m. CST
Onex Kit Aircraft
Presenter: Jeremy Monnett

February 22 - 7 p.m. CST
15 Habits for Good Radio Communication - Wings Credit
Presenter: Don Weaver

February 28 - 7 p.m. CST
The History and Restoration of the Original: RV-1
Presenters: Louise Hose, Ernie Butcher, Paul Dye and Dick VanGrunsven

March 7 - 8 p.m. CST
All About Batteries - AMT Credit
Presenter: Mike Busch

March 14 - 7 p.m. CST
12 Myths About Stalls & Spins: Letting the Facts Fly - Wings Credit
Presenter: Rich Stowell

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