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Monday, May 7, 2012

Missouri Aviation Historical Society Meeting Set for May 16

Missouri Aviation Historical Society Meeting May 16

The Missouri Aviation Historical Society is a group of folks with a love of aircraft, and we are striving to record and document the rich aviation history that has been a part of the great state of Missouri for the past century. From Benoist to Zenith, the aviation industry in the "Show Me" state has always been at the forefront of technology, and has produced some of the world’s best known aircraft. Famous pilots, from Jimmy Doolittle, to Slim Lindbergh, all called Missouri home for a portion of their lives, and made significant contributions to the advancement of aviation.

85 years ago this month, the world became a bit smaller, as a young airmail pilot by the name of Charles Lindbergh, lifted off in "The Spirit of St. Louis" from Roosevelt Field in New York enroute to Paris, France nonstop. Lindbergh’s ties to Missouri are well known, from his days flying the mail out of Lambert Field, to the financial backing he received from a group of St. Louis businessmen for his solo transatlantic flight. Another link, but not as well known, is the story of Ira Biffle, from Patton, Missouri. Who is he you may wonder? He taught Lindbergh how to fly!

Please join us in Clayton, on Wed May 16th at 7 PM, as our guest speaker Stan Crader relates the story of Ira, and his many achievements in aviation. Admission is free, and refreshments will be served.

Missouri Aviation Historical Society Directions to Meeting Location: 190 Carondelet Plaza 9th Floor, Room 9-HSt. Louis, MO 63105.  We meet in the first hi-rise, located on the south side of Carondelet Plaza, just east of South Hanley Road, between Forsyth, and Forest Park Parkway. From Hanley, turn east onto Carondelet Plaza. The building will be on your right, and you will see 190 Carondelet Plaza in gold on the side of the building. Just past that, will be a slightly arched entryway into the parking garage. Turn right into the parking garage, drive across the garage to the other side, turn into parking by the attendant's station, take a ticket from the dispenser and bring it with you to be validated. Park in the Visitor parking on the P2 level, or in any convenient space. Take the garage elevator to the lobby, and take the building elevator to the Husch Blackwell reception area on the 9th floor. Proceed past and to the right of the receptionist’s desk, then turn right through an alcove area to the hallway where the men’s and ladies’ rooms are located, then left down that hallway to the end where classroom 9-H is on the right. If you need more info, or have any questions, please contact our host Alan Hoffman at 314-609-8397 or my cell at 573-529-2539. Hope to see you there!

Dan O’Hara President, Missouri Aviation Historical Society 573-529-2539 or email -

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