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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fifth Annual Plane & Pilot Midwest LSA Expo Adds Warbirds and Fly Baby Reunion to the Lineup September 5-7

By Carmelo Turdo
The Fifth Annual Plane & Pilot Midwest LSA Expo, a premier Midwest Aviation event, is set to kick off next Thursday, September 5, at Mount Vernon Outland Airport, IL.  About 45 LSA manufacturers and advocacy groups will be present with their aircraft and products on the ramp just outside of the terminal through Saturday, September 7.  The Expo has been very successful in the past at achieving what both buyers and sellers want - sales!  Anyone interested in trying on an LSA for size, taking a demo flight, and plunging into the world of LSA flight should attend the Expo to get a comprehensive look at the available aircraft.             

Chris Collins, Manager of Mount Vernon Outland Airport, has also just announced that in addition to the LSA representation, there will be special attractions on the ramp.  Several warbirds will be in attendance - the Commemorative Air Force Dixie Wing Red Nose P-51D Mustang and the Arizona Wing’s B-25J “Maid in the Shade” on Friday, September 6th and Saturday, September 7th.  Several Bowers Fly Baby homebuilt LSAs will fly in, and Personal Rotorcraft distributor John Snider will bring his impressive display of Mosquito Helicopters and fly his turbine powered Mosquito XETreme. 

Collins explains the phenomenon now known as the Plane & Pilot Midwest LSA Expo:

With free admission, parking, and camping available, there are no excuses for missing this opportunity to visit Mount Vernon Outland Airport and enjoy Midwest Aviation at its finest.

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