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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Air Associates of Missouri Adds Creve Coeur's AeroWorks to Maintenance Team

An open letter from Air Associates president and owner Tom Cargin describes an exciting new acquisition: 

Since opening our facility at Spirit of St. Louis Airport in November 2009, I’ve watched the growth and development of AeroWorks and often felt there were advantages to be gained by combining the maintenance facilities. I’m pleased that the opportunity arose and that we were able to complete the deal.
I welcome the opportunity to continue to provide maintenance clients with the level of service they had become accustomed to from AeroWorks and more importantly, make it even better! Air Associates has built its business at Spirit based on understanding what our customers want, then pulling out all the stops to insure we are meeting their needs. We will continue that same customer-based attitude and plan to keep the Creve Coeur facility open for our Creve Coeur customers. For those of you based at Spirit, you can have your aircraft serviced at our Spirit maintenance location. 
AeroWorks' staff will continue to service Creve Coeur maintenance clients. They will be managed by our Director of Maintenance, Jeremy McInturff, who many of you remember from West County Aero days. Jeremy has been with us for just about a year and has done a great job with our aircraft fleet and customer base. I am confident you will be pleased with our staff.
I invite you to visit with us and schedule your next maintenance appointment at the location most convenient for you. Please reach out to me at any time at
Thank you again, and I look forward to working with each of you.

Tom Cargin

President / Owner – Air Associates of Missouri 
(Reprinted from AAMO Update)

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