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Monday, April 6, 2015

Event Announcement: Midwest Airport Fun Days 2015 to Honor Veterans, Celebrate Aviation in St. Louis May 29-31

By Carmelo Turdo
Poster design by Jerney Studios
The St. Louis aviation community announces the Midwest Airport Fun Days 2015 will be held at St. Louis Downtown Airport May 29-31.  The event is hosted by the Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum with support from Ideal Aviation, EAA Chapter 64, Jet Aviation, Parks College of Engineering Aviation and Technology (St. Louis University), The Aero Experience, and other participants and sponsors.  This year, we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Allied Victory in World War II by honoring local veterans and providing World War II-era aircraft for touring and flight experiences.  Visitors of all ages will enjoy activities in the museum, aircraft displays and flying demonstrations each day.  There will be food available from the airport restaurant, The Hangar, and proceeds from the sale of aviation collectibles and raffle prizes will benefit the operations of the Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum.  Also, look for the Fly Now! The Movie film crew at the event and become part of our reality aviation documentary!  Youth ages 8-17 fly free on Sunday courtesy of the EAA Young Eagles Program and EAA Chapter 64.  A detailed schedule will be available soon.

Veterans of all military services and conflicts will be honored during the weekend's activities, especially those from the World War II-era.  Aircraft from the Missouri Wing of the Commemorative Air Force will be available for tours and flights (purchase required).  Among these aircraft will be the B-25 Mitchell, "Show Me," a later model of the type used during the daring Doolittle Raid on Tokyo in 1942.  Corporate sponsorships for veterans to experience a flight in the B-25 Mitchell bomber are available.  Along with the B-25, the Commemorative Air Force will bring their TBM-3E Avenger torpedo bomber and an Aeronca L-3E Defender liaison aircraft named "Lil' Show Me."  Other aircraft from the 1940s will include a rare PV-2 Harpoon patrol bomber, "Attu Warrior,"  and others from local airports.  Rides in an AT-6 Texan trainer and Waco biplane will also be available.  

Along with the rumbling radial engines of the World War II-era aircraft will be a beautiful blue and yellow Pitts S-1S, the "Blue Demon," flown by St. Louis' home-town performer, ExtremeFlight airshow pilot  Patrick McAlee.  Our visitors will see the "Blue Demon" streak across the sky trailing billowing white airshow smoke in salute to our local veterans each day.  Patrick McAlee will be available with his aircraft to talk about aerobatic flying and sign autographs.

Much more about the event will be posted on the event web site as details become available.  The event producers are eager to launch St. Louis' only major aviation event of the season, but it cannot be done without sponsors and generous donations from individuals.  Please consider becoming part of the Midwest Airport Fun Days 2015 team and be recognized for your support of Midwest Aviation!   Be sure to check the event web page and The Aero Experience for more details and ways to become involved. 

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