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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Air Associates of Missouri Hosts Pilot-ATC Controller Workshop

By Carmelo Turdo
Air Associates of Missouri hosted a Pilot-ATC Controller Workshop at their Spirit of St. Louis Airport facility in Chesterfield Wednesday evening.  The topics discussed during the program stressed clear communication between pilots and air traffic controllers in a variety of situations, especially during instrument flight conditions.  The presentations were given by experts and fellow users of the current air traffic system - certified flight instructors and air traffic controllers - lending great credibility to the information exchanged.  Active participation of the standing room only audience, containing mostly pilots of varying levels of experience, occurred throughout the program.
Air Associates facility at Spirit of St. Louis Airport

Attendees register for door prizes at the workshop

The presenters were experts in the field of air traffic control and pilot instruction, including Scott Thompson, Chief Pilot for Air Associates; Rob Leahy, Certified Flight Instructor for Air Associates of Missouri; Joe Vargo, St. Louis TRACON Controller; and Stace King, Pilot and Air Traffic Controller at Spirit of St. Louis Airport.  Audience participation was nearly automatic, as most pilots have had experience with flight plan changes, weather diversions, issues with communication jargon and emergency situations that were pertinent to the workshop.  Following the formal presentations, an informal discussion continued, and some attendees checked out the aircraft and Redbird MCX flight simulator nearby in the hangar.    

Air Associates of Missouri uses an advanced Redbird MCX flight simulator that can be configured as a Cessna 172 (conventional instruments or Garman G1000 glass cockpit) and as a twin-engine Beech Baron.  The simulator offers cost-effective, yet realistic certified training.  It proves itself to be invaluable when a student, working through a challenging scenario, would benefit from a "pause and play" safety environment.  The simulator plays a prominent role in the Pilot Quick Start program, wherein a student can progress through four simulator sessions and a supervised flight experience for a very reasonable cost.  All simulator and flight training are coordinated through the Air Associates Alpha Pilot Academy training system.        
The Redbird MCX simulator was available for demonstration flights

John Keich points out the various instrument panels available

The TL-3000 Sirius light sport aircraft uses modern cockpit displays

TL-3000 is economical for training and pleasure flights 

Cessna 172S is available for training or rental

This aviation safety event is one of several to be held at Air Associates of Missouri this spring.  The Aero Experience encourages anyone interested in joining the Midwest Aviation community, or developing current aviation knowledge and skills, to attend the upcoming workshops and contact Air Associates for further information and training opportunities.

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