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Monday, May 11, 2015

Cessna TTX and Beechcraft Bonanza Are Attractions at Air Associates of Missouri Cessna Demo Day

By Carmelo Turdo Associates of Missouri hosted the annual Cessna Demo Day Saturday at their Spirit of St. Louis Airport flight school facility.  Members of the local St. Louis area community - pilots, future pilots, friends and families alike - gathered to see the newest Cessna and Beechcraft aircraft (both are Textron companies) while getting the latest deals on pilot training packages.  Cessna Demo Day is one of several outreach events hosted by Air Associates of Missouri to acquaint the community with the flight training, aircraft rental and maintenance services offered in a fun, family-friendly environment.  

The featured aircraft for the Cessna Demo Day were new demonstrators from the Textron general aviation classic brands of Cessna and Beechcraft.  One example of the 2015 G36 Bonanza, the latest iteration of the classic V-tail Bonanza design that dates back to the late 1940s, was available.  Continuing life as a modern, 6-seat, utility-class workhorse, the G36 model gives solid performance on short to medium-range trips often taken by small business owners to visit their regional sites.  

Another Textron family aircraft was on hand - the Cessna TTX.  The 4-seat aircraft is made of  composite materials, giving the TTX a light yet strong structure that enables the aircraft to take advantage of advanced aerodynamic shaping of the wings and fuselage for maximum flight efficiency.   The TTX has a range of about 1,000 miles and speeds over 200mph, giving the pilot extended, economical performance for those longer business or personal trips.  Ergonomic cockpit and latest avionics are standard with the TTX.  Regional Sales Director John Arnold brought the new aircraft from Aurora, IL for display.      

The visitors were impressed with the new aircraft on display, and many were inspired to check into the flight training packages offered by Air Associates of Missouri.  Students there train in the modern Cessna 172S Skyhawk at the flight school and have access to the Redbird MCX full-motion simulator and Cessna Web-Based Ground Instruction Program.  A modern TL-3000 Sirius Light Sport Aircraft is also available.  The friendly staff at Air Associates of Missouri are ready to assist in making your dreams of flight come true!

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