Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mexico, MO Salute to Veterans Air Show Fair Ground Scenes

Giant American Flag Displayed on Service Trucks

Show Cars Impressed the Crowds

Bikers Show Off Their Machines

Color Guard Prepares to Post Colors During Ceremony

"Hot Pursuit" Entertains the Audience With Patriotic Songs

MO Senator Kit Bond Speaks In Praise of Veterans 

Phil Dacy and Crew Provided Announcer Services

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mexico, MO Salute to Veterans Air Show

Two Stearman Biplanes from Creve Coeur Airport, MO

A Stearman Formation Flight Is Always a Thrilling Site

Ercoupe Arrives Waving the American Flag

Ozark Airlines Museum C-47 From St. Charles, MO Arrives and Parks

Vlado Lenoch Prepares for an Early Morning Flight

Lenoch in "Moonbeam McSwine" Heads Out to the Runway

Clyde Zellers Flies His SNJ During the Afternoon Show

Jim Maroney in His Super Chipmunk Waves to the Crowd

Jim Celebrates a Great Performance

Jacquie Warda Takes off in Her Pitts S-1T Red Eagle

Dave Dacy Flies His Super Stearman

Wing Walker Tony Kazian in the "Superman" Pose

Dave and Tony are Proud Americans

A-10 West Demo Team Pilot Capt. Joe Shetterly

Capt. Shetterly and Vlado Lenoch Heritage Flight

Rod Hightower, New EAA President and Stearman Pilot, Greets the Crowd

MO Senator Kit Bond, Mexico MO Native, Addresses Veterans

Sunday, August 22, 2010

B-17G "Liberty Belle" Makes Stop at Spirit of St. Louis Airport

The Liberty Belle Foundation brought their B-17G "Liberty Belle" to Spirit of St. Louis Airport this weekend to provide an opportunity for local residents to see and ride this historic aircraft. The aircraft was parked at the Million Air ramp, and the public was invited to tour the aircraft, and flights in the aircraft were provided to paying customers. The aircraft will continue on its national tour after this weekend, with the next stop in Springfield, MO in the coming days. Visit http://www.libertyfoundation.org/index.html for further information.