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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sabreliner Corporation Perryville, MO Facility Rolls Out 3 Centennial of U.S. Naval Aviation Aircraft

Sabreliner Corporation's Perryville, MO facility rolled out three aircraft in special Centennial of U.S. Naval Aviation celebration paint schemes Monday.  The Aero Experience, in cooperation with the Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum, was privileged to attend the presentation of aircraft to Navy Captain (Commodore) John R. Rodriguez, TAW-6 commander, NAS Pensacola, Florida.  We wish to convey our deepest appreciation to the management and staff of Sabreliner Perryville for their gracious accommodation and professionalism during our visit.  We look forward to reporting on future Centennial of U.S. Naval Aviation projects in the near future.

 T-39N Bn 165523 is painted to represent 1936/38 Pensacola training colors:

T-34C Bn 161841 is painted to represent 4th section leader USS Ranger circa 1935/36:

T-44A Bn 160984 is painted as a Navy Curtiss NC-4 Flying Boat 1919:

The three aircraft together form a handsome trio:

Navy Captain (Commodore) John Rodriguez arrived with his staff in his own T-39G Sabreliner jet to review the Centennial aircraft:

Captain Rodriguez also toured the Perryville, MO facility...

...where the next Centennial aircraft paint job is completed for T-34C Bn 164169,  commemorating pre-war U.S. Coast Guard colors:

For additional information about Sabreliner Corporation and the Centennial of U.S. Naval Aviation, please visit:

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