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Thursday, July 24, 2014

International Cessna 170 Association Holds Convention at Creve Coeur Airport in St. Louis

By Carmelo Turdo
The International Cessna 170 Association is holding it annual convention this week at Creve Coeur Airport near St. Louis, MO.  As of June 2013, there were over 1200 members with 960 Cessna 170s.  The Cessna 170 is a stretched, 4-seat development of the Cessna 140, and the aircraft with fabric-covered wings debuted in February of 1948.  Later in 1948, the all-metal Cessna 170A became the standard model through 1951, and the Cessna 170B with new flaps was produced between 1952 and 1956 up to the introduction of the new Cessna 172.   

During the week, several dozen Cessna 170 pilots will participate in formation flights, flour bombing competitions and other flying activities.  The aircraft are on display on the grass taxiway near the runway intersection between flights, and we have some views of today's lineup:

Monday, July 21, 2014

Air Associates of Missouri Offers Sirius TL-3000 Light Sport Aircraft, Ground School Courses

From AIR ASSOCIATES OF MISSOURI: Sirius TL-3000, Ground School, Private Pilot, Sport Pilot
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More photos of N726T

Basic Dimensions
Cockpit Width 46 in.
Wingspan 30.84 ft.
Length 22.14 ft.
Height 7.38 ft.
Wheel Base 7.12 ft.

N70258 For Sale

N70258 is looking for a new home.  To discuss whether this fun little two-place aircraft is the right plane for you, contact Lisa Lynch ( for details.

Our New Arrival - N726T

Sirius TL-3000 a European style Light Sport Aircraft

The Light Sport Aircraft that's shifting all paradigms of what an LSA can do is now available at Air Associates of Missouri for training, checkout and rental.
  • All carbon fiber body
  • Wider cabin than a Cessna Skyhawk
  • Out accelerates the Skyhawk
  • Out climbs a Skyhawk
  • Flies higher, longer and faster than a Skyhawk
  • Can fly in higher crosswinds than a Skyhawk
This nimble, fun and easy-to-fly aircraft resembles a smaller C-182 and is loaded with user-friendly technology like ADSB traffic.

N726T will be the cover plane and feature story in the October 2014 issue of AOPA Pilot Magazine!  The editor was amazed at the capability of this "little LSA that could", and you will be too.

Join us for a FREE hands-on aircraft orientation session on  August 9th at 9:00AM in the Redbird Simulator Hangar, adjacent to the AAMO building.  Air Associates of Missouri Chief CFI Scott Thompson and Sirius Distributor Matt Swanson will present everything you need to know to start flying the Sirius Aircraft.

Everyone in attendance will receive a FREE Sirius Aircraft Pilot Information Manual.  This orientation will count as the ground portion of your aircraft checkout or can assist you with your training transition to our exciting new TL-3000 Sirius.  RSVP now at 636.536.1341 or visit us on  Facebook.

Interested in knowing more about the aircraft?  Download the aircraft brochure  here.
Sport/Private Pilot Ground School is Back!

When:  Thursdays at 7:00PM, beginning July 24
Cost:  $649 for the course and required materials; Web Based Instruction Kit (WBI) & the Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (PHAK)
Instructor:  Patrick K. Russell, CFI

This twelve-week course will cover the necessary topics for the Private and Sport Pilot FAA written exams.  Periodic progress exams aid in retention of the material throughout the course.  The cumulative end-of-course exam is designed to prepare participants for the Private/Sport FAA knowledge test.  To receive the required endorsements for the knowledge test, specific scores must be reached on the progress exams and end-of-course exam.

Course Schedule (tentative):
7/24:  Introduction, WBI: Stage 1, Phase 1 - Learning Your Airplane, PHAK: Chapters 1, 2, & 5

7/31:  WBI: Stage 1, Phase 2 - Improving Control, PHAK: Chapter 6 & 7

8/7:  WBI:  Stage 1, Phase 3 - Takeoff and Landings, PHAK: Chapter 3 & 8; Exam 1

8/14:  WBI:  Stage 1, Phase 4 - Preparing for Solo Flight, PHAK: Chapter 4

8/21:  WBI: Stage 1, Phase 5 - First PHAK:  Chapters 13 & 14, Review for Exam 2

8/28:  WBI: Stage 2, Phase 6 - Getting Ready for Cross Country Flying, PHAK: Chapters 11 & 12, Exam 2

9/4: WBI: Stage 2, Phase 7 - Flying Cross Country, PHAK: Chapters 9, 10 & 15

9/11:  WBI: Stage 2, Phase 8 - Flying at Night, PHAK Chapters 16 & 17

9/18:  WBI: Stage 2, Phase 9 - Advancing Your Skills, PHAK Chapter Review, Exam 3

9/25:  WBI: Stage 2, Phase 10 - Final Preparation for Your Practical Test

10/2:  Review Session for Final Exam

10/9: Final Exam

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2013: Matt Younkin and Kyle Franklin

Fred Harl and Carmelo Turdo AirVenture Oshkosh 2013 attracted the top airshow performers in the industry, and two of those performers carry on the tradition of two legendary aviation families: Matt Younkin and Kyle Franklin.  Matt Younkin flew the Beech 18, "Magic by Moonlight," in a carefully choreographed series of rolling and looping maneuvers perfected by his father, Bobby Younkin.  The performance is flown both day and night, with the day performance shown here.  During EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2013 we also met Kyle Franklin, son of Jimmy Franklin, during several autograph sessions.  He brought his newest aircraft creation, the Franklin Demon-1, "Dracula," a combination of Waco Mystery Ship with modern aerodynamic and control systems that was originally conceived by Kyle and Jimmy Franklin.  The aircraft was on static display during the week, and will be flying at this year's event.