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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Interview With Eclipse Aerospace Co-Founder Mike Press, Part 1: Very Light Jet Sportster

By Carmelo Turdo
So what is the Eclipse?  Technically, it is a Very Light Jet - a small jet aircraft designed for single-pilot operation, seats less than eight people, and is lighter than 10,000 pounds gross takeoff weight.  The new term is Personal Jet, and that is where the Eclipse family of jets really fits.      


The Eclipse is a sportster of jets, giving a single pilot and a few friends or family members a quick ride to a vacation spot or business meeting up to a thousand miles away, cruising at 41,000 feet and 425 mph.  All along you are also sipping fuel at about 55 gallons per hour.  After seeing one of these beauties at St. Louis Downtown Airport on a regular basis, we had to find out more about it.
The Aero Experience recently spoke with Mr. Mike Press, one of the first owner/operators, once the largest volume broker of very light jets, investor in the current Eclipse Aerospace, and Ken Humbertson, the Regional Account Executive in St. Louis. We discussed a wide range of topics related to the Eclipse line of jets, the development of the aircraft and the corporate turbulence of recent years, and the bright future ahead. 

Mike Press (left) and Ken Humbertson of Eclipse Aerospace

In the next series of posts, we will profile the Eclipse jets, review the development of the aircraft and corporate evolution to the present day, and relate personal insights into Eclipse Aerospace.

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