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Monday, May 20, 2013

The Aero Experience Road Trip: Missouri Airports Serve General Aviation in Their Local Communities

By Carmelo Turdo
The Aero Experience contributors Carmelo Turdo and Mark Nankivil used the return trip from visiting two aviation museums in Kansas City to scout local general aviation airports in central Missouri.  Our aero experience, albeit on the ground, was  valuable time spent getting to know local community airports and the people who frequent them.  Since it was Sunday, not all airport offices were open, but there was usually someone around tinkering with an airplane engine or maintaining the grounds.  Those whom we met were cordial and showed us around, pointing out historical items and interesting aircraft on the ramps.  We visited only a few of the hundreds of Missouri airports on our journey, and there will be other opportunities to visit more for future posts.  We encourage our readers to utilize these airports to support community airports and to make new friends.  Here are some scenes from each airport:  

Midwest National Air Center (Clay County Regional Airport), Mosby, MO

Cameron, MO Memorial Airport:

Chillicothe, MO Memorial Airport:

North Central Missouri Regional Airport, Brookfield, MO:

Macon-Fower Memorial Airport, Macon, MO:


Omar N. Bradley Airport, Moberly, MO:


Mexico, MO Memorial Airport:

(Mark Nankivil photo)

(Mark Nankivil photo)

(Mark Nankivil photo)


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