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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Winter Arrives for Old and Cold Warriors at St. Louis Museum of Transportation

By Fred Harl
Winter in the Midwest is difficult to predict, and a distance of just a few miles can make the difference between a foot or an inch of snow.  On a recent foray north following a significant snowfall, it was a little easier to catch the aircraft outside of the St. Louis Museum of Transportation with just a few inches of snow for this photo shoot.  Although mostly a haven for historic trains, the museum also features two aircraft - a C-47A Skytrain and T-33A Shooting Star.   The Douglas C-47A Skytrain, s/n 43-15635, on display served in World War II, commercial service, and again with the military in the 131st TFW of the Missouri Air National Guard.  The T-33A, s/n 52-9446, is marked as 52-9564 from the 438th FIS.  The 438th was home to interceptors including the F-94B, F-89D, F-102A and F-106A based at Kincheloe  AFB, Michigan before being moved to Griffiss AFB, New York and renamed the 49th FIS.   T-33s provided target support for interceptor training missions.  Both aircraft are featured here after a light overnight snowfall.

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