Saturday, January 23, 2010

FAA: Aviation Safety Is Everyone’s Concern; Pay Attention to the Fundamentals

The Federal Aviation Administration has a message for the flying community (and everyone else, for that matter): Safety is EVERYONE’S concern, so pay attention to the fundamentals of flying within the capabilities of the pilot AND the aircraft. This theme was reinforced during the Super Safety Seminar at the 6th Annual Midwest Aviation Conference and Trade Show at the Maryland Heights Community Center near St. Louis, MO today. For details on the Super Safety Seminar, please see my posting at Associated Content:

The Super Safety Seminar was well attended by current and future pilots and flight instructors.

Gyrocopter in a No Parking Zone!  At least it was under a roof and out of the rain.  More views below:

Please thank and patronize sponsors of this event, including:
Falcon Insurance Agency
FAA (Kansas City Office)
Greater Saint Louis Air & Space Museum (Cahokia, IL)
Greater Saint Louis Helicopter Association
High Altitude Flying Club (Creve Coeur Airport)
Saint Charles Flying Service
Saint Louis Aircraft Sales
Spirit Pilot Shop (Spirit of St. Louis Airport)
West County Aero (Creve Coeur Airport)
Wings of Hope
EAA Chapter 32 (St. Charles Municipal Airport)

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