Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sackman Airport Fly-In Is Favorite Fall Community Aviation Event

By Leo Cachat
It was a beautiful day at the annual Sackman Airport Fall Fly-In Sunday, October 19. The Aero Experience was on hand to visit with the participants and photograph the varied assortment of aircraft that flew in for the event. The Sackman Airport Fall Fly-In is a favorite family-friendly event, usually held mid-October Sunday afternoon.  It is an occasion that attracts great friends, great food, and great aircraft!  Virtually any type of general aviation, light sport, ultralight, glider, vintage etc. can be seen some time during the day.  The event was well attended, and everyone there was very friendly.  The Aero Experience would like to thank airport management for their hospitality in allowing us tremendous access to get the photographs you see here.