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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Navy Takes Delivery of T-39N Sabreliner in Centennial of U.S. Naval Aviation Colors

T-39N Sabreliner, Bn 165523 was delivered today to VT-86 at NAS Pensacola, FL after a morning evaluation flight.  The aircraft, painted in Centennial of U.S. Naval Aviation colors representing circa 1938, was flown from the Sabreliner Perryville facility this afternoon following a conventional red and white CT-39G used to ferry the test crew earlier in the day.  Details of this and other flight operations today at the Sabreliner facility will be featured in upcoming posts.  Here are some images of the T-39N taking flight...


Anonymous said...


Nice work. I look forward to seeing the Hi-Res pics. The top planform shot is especially sweet.


Dan Slowikowski
3186 Hyde Park Pl
Pensacola, FL 32503

Carmelo Turdo said...

Thanks for your Comment! You and your crew are a First Class representation of the U.S. Navy and the partnership with Sabreliner. We will continue to celebrate the delivery of the Centennial T-39N and the preparation the other aircraft in future posts.


HG said...

What a beautiful sight! She looks immaculate. How is the interior finished? For a first gen bizjet, how are flights possible with the current noise restrictions?

Thanks for the great photos!

Carmelo Turdo said...

The inside was not as nice as the outside, it was a bit worn. As a military jet, it does not have the same noise restrictions as it would in the civil market, where some Sabreliners still fly.