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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

James S. McDonnell Prologue Room at Boeing IDS in St. Louis Honors Boeing, Douglas, North American and McDonnell Legacies

Boeing IDS HQ is located in St. Louis County, MO

Veterans Memorial adjacent to Boeing IDS HQ dedicated in 2005

Large F-15 Eagle model stands outside the Prologue Room  

Entrance to the Prologue Room

Wall of Honor: William Boeing, Donald Douglas, James Kindelberger, James S. McDonnell

Lobby theater is popular with tour groups

Large Blue Angels F/A-18A Hornet Model

Aircraft Lineage display tracks developments from 1920s to present

Mercury and Gemini spacecraft full-scale engineering development fixtures

Mercury spacecraft full-scale engineering development fixture

Gemini spacecraft full-scale engineering development fixture

Military aircraft model display

Weapons and spacecraft display

Commercial aircraft model display

For more information about visiting the James S. McDonnell Prologue Room, go to for details.

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