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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Midwest Light Sport Aircraft Expo In Mount Vernon, IL Attracts Wide Variety of LSA Producers

Light Sport Aircraft makers and dealers descended on Mount Vernon Outland Airport, IL this weekend for the Third Annual Light Sport Aircraft Expo.  A steady flow of wide-eyed LSA enthusiasts (and potential buyers!) tried on the aircraft for size and discussed their needs with factory and dealer representatives on the tarmac.  Many also attended forums and browsed among the exhibitors, including Wicks Aircraft Supply.  Familiar LSA manufacturers such as Jabiru USA, Rans, Remos, Van's, CubCrafters and Zenith were on hand, along with Arion, Just Aircraft, Blue Skies Sport Planes and Valley Engineering, among many others.  An effort to include ultralights in this year's event drew several Quicksilvers among the participants.  Airport Director Chris Collins and his staff have done a magnificent job promoting and producing this event, and should be recognized as a driving force in the recovery of the national aviation industry during challenging economic times.  Here are some of the LSAs that appeared this weekend:

Arion LS-1 Lightning

Tecna P2002 Sierra
Pipistrel SW Virus
Czech Aircraft Sport Cruiser

Quicksilver Ultralight

Zenith CH-650 Zodiac and CH-750 STOL

FK Lightplanes FK12 Comet

Rans S7LS Courier 

Rans S19LS Venterra

CubCrafters CC11-100

Breezer Aircraft Breezer

Zlin Aviation Savage Cub

TL Ultralight Sting S3

Fantasy Air Allegro 2007
Zlin Aviation Savage

Valley Engineering Back Yard Flyer (BYF)

Gene Smith of Valley Engineering Talks to EAA 64 Member Bill Rohland

EAA 64 Members Brian Kissinger and Bill Rohland Discuss the BYF

Airport Director Chris Collins Takes a Break with Bill Rohland

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