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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum Displays St. Louis-Built Aircraft in Center Hangar

By Carmelo Turdo
The Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum, located at Creve Coeur Airport in west St. Louis County, is known for its collection of pristine, flyable pre-war period aircraft.  The museum is now offering a display of all St. Louis-made aircraft in its central hangar, and The Aero Experience has received a sneak peek at this incredible arrangement.  Aircraft included in the collection are 1943 Laister Kauffman LK-10A sailplane, 1931 Curtiss-Wright 15-D Sedan, 1936 Travel Air 16-E, 1932 Monocoupe 90, 1929 St. Louis Cardinal, 1935 Piper (Taylor) E-2, 1933 Flagg F13, 1926 Ryan M-1,1931 Nicholas Beazley NB-8G, 1936 Star Cavalier, Curtiss-Wright Robin, among others.  Put this museum on your must-see list this year, especially during the Waco Club Fly-In.  For more information, visit

Laister Kauffman LK-10A

Ryan M-1

Monocoupe 90

Curtiss-Wright 15-D Sedan

Nicholas Beazley NB-8G

Curtiss-Wright Robin

Flagg F13

Travel Air 16-E

St. Louis Aircraft Cardinal

Piper (Taylor) E-2

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