Thursday, June 20, 2013

Air Associates of Missouri Begins New Era of Flight Training With Redbird MCX Flight Simulator

By Carmelo Turdo
Air Associates of Missouri begins a new era in flight training excellence with the introduction of the Redbird MCX advanced flight simulator.  The Spirit of St. Louis Airport-based Cessna Pilot Center will now incorporate the simulator into its already highly successful flight training method that currently includes Cessna Pilot Training Program, Cessna 162, 172 and 182 single-engine aircraft and multi-engine Beechcraft Duchess.  

Scott Thompson Introduces the Redbird MCX
Scott Thompson, Chief Flight Instructor, introduced the Redbird MCX as an "advanced aviation training device" that can be programmed to emulate different types of aircraft for maximum accuracy and flexibility.  This particular model is serial number 14, and has a combination of capabilities not found on the other Redbird MCX simulators.  

Rebird MCX Cockpit
According to Thompson, the use of the Redbird MCX within the total flight training process will produce licensed pilots who are more competent and confident at a given level of training.  Using a training philosophy called "Learn, Sim, Fly," Air Associates of Missouri combines the Cessna Pilot Training Program ground school and an "immersion experience" in the Redbird MCX simulator with actual flight.  For its part, the Redbird MCX provides full-motion flight simulation, wrap-around visuals, video debrief capability, and that enigmatic "pause button" that stops the action for that teachable moment unavailable during actual flight.  For advanced two-person Crew Resource Management training, there is also dual yoke and rudder control capability.  Variables such as weather, crosswinds and component failures can be easily programmed into the simulation profile for that session.

John Keich Cuts the Ribbon on the Redbird MCX
Following a demonstration of the Redbird MCX by Michael Matthews, Air Associates Office Manager and IT Director, the ribbon wrapped around the entrance to the simulator was cut by Mr. John Keich, owner of Alpha Flight Simulation and the simulator now being leased to Air Associates of Missouri.  "In the 57 years since I learned to fly in the Piper Cub...flight training has remained up until very recently still the same process. But this (the Redbird MCX) revolutionizes the whole process to make it more efficient, lower costs and bring more pilots into the community."  Air Associates of Missouri owner, Tom Cargin, also thanked Spirit of St. Louis Airport administration and the Chesterfield, Missouri community for their support.  After the ribbon was removed, guests were invited to experience the Redbird MCX for themselves.
(L-R) John Keich, Redbird MCX owner; Scott Thompson, AAMO Chief Flight Instructor; Lisa Lynch, AAMO General Manager; John Bales, Director of Aviation at Spirit of St. Louis Airport; Tom Cargin, AAMO Owner, Michael Matthews, AAMO Office Manager and IT Director; Bronwyn Voth, AAMO Marketing Communications Director

Your chance to fly the Redbird MCX will come June 22 at the Redbird Seminar and Flying Challenge.  Contact Air Associates of Missouri for details. 
The Aero Experience thanks Air Associates of Missouri for their hospitality and for representing the best of Midwest Aviation.

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