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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sullivan Field Fly-In Attracts the Lighter Side of Aviation to Valmeyer, IL

By Mark Nankivil
The Midwest Fly-In season in full swing, and The Aero Experience Team was on hand to report two events last Saturday.  One event, the St. Louis Regional Airport Fly-In, was featured in a series of posts published on Monday, September 29.  Another Fly-in was  occurring on Saturday as well at Sullivan Field in Valmeyer, IL.  Several pilots flew their planes from the St. Louis Regional Airport event to Sullivan Field, adding their general aviation aircraft to the variety of light sport aircraft already there.  The privately-owned airfield has a grass 1800'x80' Runway 9/27, plenty of distance for the light sport, STOL and even a Cessna 172.  We are pleased to add this event to our calendar and bring to our audience the variety of interesting aircraft encountered Saturday afternoon.

Bob McDaniel and Jack Nankivil take off for Sullivan Field

John and Elizabeth Schaefer taxi from St. Louis Regional Airport


Airborne Redback with RV-4

Airborne Redback on takeoff roll

Airborne Redback takeoff

Airborne XT-912 Tourer taxis

Airborne XT-912 Tourer ready for takeoff

Airborne XT-912 Tourer takeoff

Aviat A-1B Husky

Avid Flyer Speedwing

Buckeye Breeze LX

Champion 7ECA

Kolb Firestar

Rans S-7

Vans RV-4

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