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Friday, July 13, 2018

Elite Aviation Flies Second Group of 2018 St. Louis Science Center Flight Academy Campers

By Carmelo Turdo
For the second year, Elite Aviation provided orientation flights for St. Louis Science Center Flight Academy campers today from their Spirit of St. Louis Airport facility. The week-long program (for those 13-16 years old) involved flight simulation sessions at the St. Louis Science Center, culminating in a flight with a Certified Flight Instructor in one of Elite Aviation's modern Cessna 172 Skyhawk fleet aircraft. Three aircraft were in the air, each flying two or three campers to Washington, MO Regional Airport and back on each flight. The campers appeared to enjoy their flights, and they demonstrated their aviation knowledge while assisting with the pre-flight and post-flight inspections. Several also expressed their interest in pursuing additional flight training in the future.

As the first group of campers gathered at Elite Aviation, we were met by Spirit of St. Louis Airport Director of Aviation John Bales and a group of STEM educators touring the airport. They accompanied the campers during the pre-flight familiarization briefing given by Elite Aviation Certified Flight Instructors that covered the basics of aircraft operation and construction. Including practical aviation activities in STEM programs is essential to generating student interest in aviation careers, especially during the current shortage of pilots and aircraft technicians in the current job market.    

The Aero Experience thanks Elite Aviation, Spirit of St. Louis Airport and the St. Louis Science Center Flight Academy for their contribution to the promotion of Midwest Aviation.

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