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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Fly Twins Offers Affordable Cessna 310 Training and Flight Packages

By Carmelo Turdo
The Cessna 310 continues to be a staple aircraft type in the multi-engine training and light twin transport markets, offering good performance and economical operation in today's cost-conscious environment. The C310 is an excellent platform for gaining a multi-engine rating and flight time, combining the solid feel of a larger plane with the precision handling of a sporty twin. Successful employment of the aircraft for training and time-building, though, takes a great deal of planning and organization best performed by a professional aircraft management and flight instruction provider.

Fly Twins, a new program from Gateway Jets, provides a streamlined way for current pilots to obtain their multi-engine rating and build time in their St. Louis-based C310L. The Aero Experience met with Gateway Jets President, Corey Tomczak, to learn more about the Fly Twins program and the aircraft during a recent visit to St. Louis Downtown Airport.

"The primary uses of our Cessna 310 are for multi-engine time-building, rental and instruction," Tomczak said. "The Cessna 310 is Cessna's flagship twin-engine aircraft and a great multi-engine trainer," he added. The aircraft is protected in a modern hangar, and it is serviced by the airport's FBO, Jet Aviation. It is clean and meticulously maintained, as are all aircraft managed by Gateway Jets.

The Fly Twins C310L cockpit has a standard instrument and throttle quadrant arrangement with HSI, S-TEC 30 autopilot and Garmin GNX 375 GPS Navigator/ADS-B Transponder updates. This combination of conventional instruments and digital flight avionics provides continuity from other aircraft types while adding the safety margin offered by the latest technology.  

The time-building and rental package provides for up to 5 Hobbs hours at $1000/day, excluding fuel and instructor. Solo flights under this plan are included, providing the pilot meets minimum requirements. 

Fly Twins also offers the Fast Track Multi-Engine Flight Training Course for qualified private or higher-rated pilots. The $4,995 package includes up to 8 Hobbs hours, fuel and instructor. With prior self-study of the course materials, the training can be accomplished in as little as three days. Several pilots from around the Midwest have already taken the Fast Track Multi-Engine Flight Training Course and have successfully achieved their multi-engine (MEL) certificates.

In the video featured below, Corey Tomczak introduces the Fly Twins program and the Cessna 310L. Contact him at Fly Twins for more information.

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