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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Creve Coeur Airport Visit Begins New Year of Midwest Aviation Coverage

By Carmelo Turdo
The Aero Experience begins the new year by visiting two of our Midwest Aviation partners at Creve Coeur Airport (1HO). We have been spending an increasing amount of time there as a media sponsor of the Gateway Youth Aeronautical Foundation, a non-profit organization formed to inspire youth interest in aviation. In one short year, the Foundation has developed a flight simulation (with virtual reality)  lab, fielded an F-4 Phantom jet fighter cockpit mobile exhibit and made significant progress on the restoration of an OH-58C Kiowa helicopter that will be flying to events this spring. Current plans for this year include installing additional flight simulation stations, adding career counseling services and sponsoring aviation career events. 

Here we feature the latest view of the exhibits and a visit from members of the nearby Lou Fusz Soccer Club:


We also visited one of our advertising sponsors, Gateway Flight Training, located across the apron. Along with a comprehensive flight training program, Gateway Flight Training offers crew services, aircraft management, aircraft maintenance and related services. They have also partnered with the Gateway Youth Aeronautical Foundation to provide Discovery Flights for youth aged 15 and over as described in the coupon below. Today's weather kept the planes on the ground, but the hangar was full of aircraft receiving inspections and needed maintenance.

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