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Monday, February 1, 2021

Elite Aviation Offers Redbird Full-Motion Flight Simulator Training - Episode 2


By Carmelo Turdo
Elite Aviation begins another new year providing flight training at their Spirit of St. Louis Airport West Terminal location. Elite Aviation, the St. Louis area's Cessna Pilot Center, offers an experienced staff of instructors, the King Schools training program, a modern Cessna 172 fleet and a family-friendly atmosphere. They also offer another dimension of flight training that sets them apart: Redbird MCX full-motion flight simulation for training and currency sessions.   

In the Redbird, students receive realistic training, especially in challenging areas of the curriculum. The Redbird MCX also makes it possible to maintain the training schedule during inclement weather days, reducing the need to repeat material already mastered.      

Students can complete a simulated flight around the St. Louis area, or any other U.S. destination, in the Cessna 172 or twin-engine Beechcraft Baron configuration. The experience of flight is enhanced by the wrap-around visual references, clear instrument displays, and the full-motion performance of the Redbird MCX. The feeling of being pushed back in the seat during turns and climbing maneuvers adds a layer of realism that is usually reserved for actual flight. 

Even with this level of realism, there is a way for the instructor to take advantage of those teachable moments - the Pause Button. When a student is having difficulty in a training scenario, the instructor can stop the event at any time to discuss the proper pilot response before continuing the lesson. After further practice in the simulator, the student pilot develops a sense of confidence based on training received under realistic conditions. 

Elite Aviation and The Aero Experience have produced a series of videos highlighting the capabilities of the Redbird MCX. Although these videos are for demonstration purposes and not actual flight training, they illustrate the realistic environment of the simulator in different flight regimes. The second edition, ILS Approach, is seen below. This and other videos featuring Elite Aviation can be found on The Aero Experience YouTube Channel, Elite Aviation Playlist.

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