Friday, October 13, 2023

Sponsor Announcement: STL Flight Training Joins The Aero Experience Team

By Carmelo Turdo
The Aero Experience is proud to announce that STL Flight Training, based at St. Louis Downtown Airport in Cahokia Heights, IL, has joined our team as a sponsor and advertiser. STL Flight Training has served the needs of the St. Louis and Metro-East aviation community for over a decade and now enters a new era of flight training excellence. 

The Aero Experience forms an interactive relationship with all of our sponsors that includes posting feature stories and videos highlighting our recent first-hand experiences with each business. STL Flight Training will now be highlighted in our regular sponsor story rotation, with several great projects already in production.      
For this introductory story, we partnered with STL Flight Training to provide a personal message from their leadership team illustrated with examples from our recent site visits. We are sure that anyone interested in beginning or continuing their flying adventures will be encouraged to contact STL Flight Training and get started!

STL Flight Training: Soaring to New Heights Under New Ownership - Your Passport to the Skies 

In the heart of St. Louis, there's a place where dreams take flight - quite literally. STL Flight Training has been a steadfast presence in the world of aviation since its inception in 2012. But now, with new ownership since December 2022, this flight school is taking off into even greater horizons. This article is your introduction to the revamped STL Flight Training, where aviation dreams are nurtured, and students are empowered to reach for the sky.
Founded in 2012, STL Flight Training has a rich history of turning aviation enthusiasts into skilled pilots. However, with the change in ownership in December 2022, the flight school has ushered in a new era of innovation, mentorship, and customized learning experiences. Under this fresh leadership of Josiah Bridges, the school has not only retained its legacy but also enhanced it, becoming a cornerstone of the local aviation community.
The mission of STL Flight Training is simple, yet profound: We inspire and empower both current and future pilots through safe, personalized, and innovative flight training. This mission serves as the guiding star, directing every aspect of the school's operations.

At STL Flight Training, aviation is more than just a career path - it's a passion that's infectious. The flight school is driven by a desire to empower the next generation of pilots, individuals who will make a positive impact on the world through their love of flying.

What truly sets STL Flight Training apart is its nurturing environment. The flight school fosters a supportive and collaborative culture that not only ensures the success of its students but also cultivates a lifelong love of aviation. Here, students aren't just numbers; they're part of a community that shares their enthusiasm for the skies.

STL Flight Training understands that no two students are the same. That's why they are committed to customized learning experiences. Their training is designed to fit any learning style, and it's driven by the student's own pace and goals.

One of the cornerstones of the flight school is mentorship. With a team of ten Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs), students have access to a wealth of knowledge and experience. These mentors are more than instructors; they are guides, helping students navigate the complexities of flight with patience and expertise.

Success in aviation demands access to the right tools, and STL Flight Training provides just that. Their fleet includes the reliable Cessna 172 and the versatile Piper Warrior, ensuring that students train on aircraft known for their safety and performance. We also have a Cessna 152 that’s available for spin training and endorsements.

The fleet aircraft are maintained by Big River Aviation, located in the same facility on the west ramp of St. Louis Downtown Airport.

STL Flight Training is more than just a flight school; it's a launchpad for dreams. With a rich history and new ownership dedicated to innovation and excellence, it's poised to take aspiring pilots to new heights. This flight school isn't just an institution; it's an opportunity to soar. Whether you're looking to make aviation a career or simply a lifelong passion, STL Flight Training is where the journey begins. So, fasten your seatbelts, because with STL Flight Training, the sky is not the limit. It is just the beginning!

Recent Developments and Future Stories

The Aero Experience continues to cover Midwest Aviation stories that connect new and previously posted themes, with several examples featuring STL Flight Training. One of the aircraft featured above, Cessna 172 N788FT, is a new image of its previous self. With a fresh paint job and other updates, the transformation is dramatic. This aircraft was used as a camera ship flown by Paul Voorhees for several air-to-air photo shoots with Patrick McAlee in his ExtremeFlight Pitts aerobatic biplane in 2018 and 2020. Then, and now!

Last week, Big River Aviation A&P Apprentice Noah Klein achieved his Private Pilot Certificate after a check ride in N788FT. He has been working at Big River Aviation since January of this year and then began flying with STL Flight Training. The Aero Experience posted a story about him, A&P Mechanic Apprentice Begins Training for Higher Callingin April after he participated in the 50-hour inspection of a U.S. Forest Service DeHavilland Beaver. Here we feature Noah Klein working in the maintenance hangar and after his check ride.

One of our developing stories is a pilot profile of STL Flight Training CFII Jason Overturf, one of the great instructors currently on staff. His love for teaching flight students is obvious, and his story is inspiring. 

The Aero Experience thanks STL Flight Training for becoming our newest sponsor, advertiser and team member. Check out their newly updated website and contact STL Flight Training for more details. 

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