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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Centennial of U.S. Naval Aviation 2011: Watch for These Aircraft With Vintage Paint Schemes

During the 2011 U.S. Navy Centennial of Flight Celebration events, a variety of vintage paint schemes will be displayed on current Navy aircraft.  The Perryville, MO Sabreliner plant is currently painting some aircraft in Centennial colors.  Here are some recent pictures of T-39 Sabreliner and    T-44 Pegasus aircraft undergoing retro paint processing.

(Mark Nankivil Photo)

(Mark Nankivil Photo)
(Mark Nankivil Photo)

(Mark Nankivil Photo)

(Mark Nankivil Photo)

(Mark Nankivil Photo)

Also visit for coverage of an S-3B Viking painted in World War II naval aircraft colors!

Below is a list of current and pending Centennial of U.S. Naval Aviation aircraft projects:

Completed aircraft  T-45C - Yellow Wings (Black Tail)
T-45C - Yellow Wings (Blue Tail)
HH-60H - HAL-3 " TH-57C - 1916 with anchor insignia
MH-60S - 1950s Sea Blue
MH-60S - 1950s Sea Blue
T-6B - Trainer Yellow - complete, new at factory
S-3B - Battle of Midway
F/A-18F - Navy Working Uniform
MH-60R - Three-tone WWII

Currently being painted:
T-39N - Yellow Wings (Blue Tail)
TC-12B - 1942 with red and white rudder
T-44 - NC-4 Flying Boat (1919)

Planned/Not started:
T-34C - USCG 1930s
T-34C - USMC 1930s
T-34C - USN 1930s
F/A-18C - USNR 1950s
F/A-18 - Three-tone WWII
EA-6B - Coral Sea
EA-18G - Three-tone WWII
F/A-18C - T&E Paint
F/A-18C - Shangri La Air Group Glossy Sea Blue (tentative)
EA-6B - 1970s
F/A-18C - Mid-WWII
P-3C - VP-44 Battle of Midway
P-3C - Seaplane Gray/White
UH-1N - USMC MoH aircraft

(Source: PaintSquare, Dec. 3, 2010)


Pacer Racer said...

I have seen a T-44 on the tarmac at Chattanooga the other day and saw a T-39 taking off there today (9-14-11).

Carmelo Turdo said...

Thanks for the siting report! We were so fortunate to see these birds coming out of the factory in their Centennial colors and are glad to hear of their travels!