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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum and Prairie Aviation Museum Team Up to Discuss Growth Strategies

By Carmelo Turdo
Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum President Mark Nankivil and Vice Presidents Rick Rehg and Carmelo Turdo met recently with representatives of the Bloomington, IL-based Prairie Aviation Museum to discuss common issues and strategies for growth. The conference took place at Frasca Field, in Urbana, the home of the Frasca International simulator plant and the Frasca Air Museum. Along with open and frank discussion regarding the challenges faced by the museums, attendees shared their success stories and best practices that have sustained each organization. Strategies for growth include conventional practices in the areas of marketing, fund-raising and financial accountability, but also involve personal investments by members and volunteers in dedication to mission, teamwork and the development of key relationships within each respective community. Both museums renewed their commitment to become key resources for historic preservation of aerospace artifacts and aircraft as well as centers of education and community involvement. Attendees from both museums wish to thank Mr. Rudy Frasca, founder of Frasca International and the Frasca Air Museum for hosting the conference and providing a personal tour of his museum.

Mark Nankivil, Carmelo Turdo, Rudy Frasca and Rick Rehg

Representatives from Prairie Aviation Museum with Rudy Frasca

Frasca Air Museum entrance

Meeting was held at the museum restaurant

Aircraft in one of the Frasca Air Museum hangars

1941 Boeing A75N1 Kaydet

World War I S.E.5a Replica 

Bleriot XI Replica

1959 Frasca No. 1 Prototype

GAT-1 General Aviation Trainer

Frasca Model 122 First Production Electronic Flight System

Frasca Model 141 First Production Digital Single-Engine Trainer

North American SNJ-6 Texan

Spitfire Mk. XVIII and P-40E warbirds

David Frasca's Pitts Model 12

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