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Friday, February 10, 2012

Real Rocket Scientist Marc Millis Discusses Starship Travel at St. Louis Science Center

By Carmelo Turdo
A real (former NASA) rocket scientist, Marc Millis, gave a lively presentation of what it would take to achieve future interstellar space travel using the example of a Star Trek starship.  The event, part of series of "Second Thursday" lectures at the St. Louis Science Center, coincides with the current Star Trek: The Exhibit.  Millis, noted author and President of the Tau Zero Foundation, compiled a surprisingly broad catalog of possible technologies that could enable travel to the stars while working at NASA.  What started as a side interest became part of his government research responsibilities, to his delight.  The bottom line of starship travel is that it takes a tremendous amount of energy and new technologies that do not presently exist, but solving the problem of interstellar travel is like eating a million pound burger: one bite at a time!

Marc Millis' animated speaking style made rocket science interesting to the audience of several hundred:

The presentation included a primer on quantum mechanics:

After the more than hour-long presentation, Millis stayed to answer specific questions:

Marc Millis with St. Louis Science Center's Gregg Maryniak, organizer of the event:

Future Star Trek Events:

Star Trek First Fridays
Put on your Spock ears and come to the Science Center on the first Friday evening of each month during the run of Star Trek: The Exhibition! In addition to touring the exhibition for a special evening rate, you can participate in a Public Telescope Viewing outside the Planetarium or unique activities throughout the museum and top off your evening with a free showing of a Star Trek movie or episode in the OMNIMAX Theater. Each First Friday will have its own theme so watch the calendar for more information.

Friday, March 2 – Special Program: Journey to Mars
Friday, April 6 – Special Guest: Star Trek writer, David Gerrold (The Trouble with Tribbles)
Friday, May 4 – Star Trek Costume Contest

Star Trek Lecture Series
Join us on the second Thursday of every month for our Star Trek Lecture Series. Each month, a different guest scientist will discuss a different topic related to Star Trek from androids to virtual reality to three-dimensional printing to the search for life on other planets. Watch the calendar for more information.

Thursday, March 8 – Why NASA and DARPA Are Reaching for the Stars
Thursday, April 12– The Immersive Virtual Reality Environment: Today’s Holodeck?
Thursday, May 10 – To Boldly Go: The New Horizons Mission to Pluto

For more information on future events, visit

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