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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Air Associates Hosts Cessna Skycatcher Discover Flying Challenge

By Carmelo Turdo
Air Associates of Missouri hosted the Cessna Skycatcher Discover Flying Challenge today at Spirit of St. Louis Airport in Chesterfield, MO to invite prospective pilots to fly in the Skycatcher Light Sport aircraft.  Air Associates has been very successful with its Skycatcher training program, and brought in Jen Scanlan, pilot of Skycatcher 6, to encourage others to take to the air and literally broaden their horizons.  Jen is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, with a Bachelor of Science in aviation, professional pilot concentration. She is a commercial pilot - airplane single and multi-engine land, is instrument rated, and also a certified flight instructor with 315 total flight hours, 28 of which are in a multi-engine aircraft.  She has accomplished so much already as a pilot and representative of the Cessna Skycatcher that it is no wonder she is such an encouragement to those who are considering pilot training.  Also on hand was the Mobile Marketing Vehicle, a semi trailer featuring the latest in Cessna avionics demonstrations and large-screen presentations of Cessna aircraft.  To take your discovery flight in a Skycatcher, contact Air Associates of Missouri at  Here are some scenes from today's event:

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