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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fair St. Louis Gives Airshow for Those With Special Needs at St. Louis Downtown Airport

By Carmelo Turdo
The Fair St. Louis Air Show was held July 4 over the Gateway Arch grounds for thousands of people gathered along the Mississippi River.  Another air show was performed simultaneously at the staging area, St. Louis Downtown Airport, for hundreds of fans with special needs who braved the 105 degree heat to celebrate Independence Day with some of the best aerial performers anywhere.  As each pilot returned to the airport after performing near the Arch, he gave another performance in a special show box in view of the audience seated along the ramp.  Volunteers from the airport staff, local EAA chapters, The Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum, Civil Air Patrol and other community organizations.  This year's air show had several unique events: the EAA's B-17, "Aluminum Overcast," was available for the air show, ground tours and rides, and EAA 64 member Brian "Brain" Kissinger returned from his record-setting flight in his Sonerai between St. Joseph and St. Louis at the start of the airshow.  Both crews and aircraft were available on the ramp following their flights.  Here are some views of the Independence Day Fair St. Louis Air Show:

Support Crews Gather Early to Prepare for the Air Show

EAA's B-17, "Aluminum Overcast," was available for ground tours and rides, and later flew in the air show

Brian "Brain" Kissinger Returns from His Record-Setting Flight from St. Joseph, MO to St. Louis to Benefit Homeless Veterans at the beginning of the Fair St. Louis Air Show

Aeroshell Team Puts On a Graceful Demonstration and Salute to Greg Poe With Their T-6 Texans

Bob Carlton Flies His Jet Sailplane With Grace and Style

U.S. Army Golden Knights C-31 Troopship Takes Off for the Arch Jump Zone

Iron Eagles Perform in Their Christen Eagle Biplanes

John Klatt and Rob Holland Both Fly an MXS  

John Mohr Flew Low and Slow In His Stock Stearman

Vlado Lenoch Performs in His F-51D Mustang

Matt Younkin Puts the Beech 18 Through Its Paces

Skip Stewart Performs Aerobatic Contortions and Double Ribbon Cut

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