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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fly, Baby! Air to Air With a Fly Baby Over the Mississippi River

By Carmelo Turdo
A mid-January warm spell brought with it open hangars and another nice morning for flying around the St. Louis area Saturday.  The Aero Experience was given an offer we could not refuse, and yes, we went flying along the Mississippi River in a Cessna 152 from St. Louis Downtown Airport in Cahokia to Sackman Field in Columbia, IL.  There are several Fly Babies at Sackman Field, and on the way back to Cahokia our pilot, Paul Voorhees, President of EAA Chapter 64 and well-respected A&P mechanic, arranged for an air-to-air photo session with a Fly Baby flown by Jeff Beckwith.  We flew along the Mississippi River, both pilots keeping rock solid formation.  Here is a mini-photo log of our aerial experience:


Special thanks to Paul Voorhees, Jeff Beckwith and the guys at Sackman Field for their hospitality and willingness to support this flight.  This flight was also made possible by St. Louis Flight Training, located at St. Louis Downtown Airport at the Jet Aviation terminal.  Contact St. Louis Flight Training at to get started on your aerial experience.

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Gregg said...

Great photos of Fly Baby and the mightly Sackman International Airport!

Thanks Carmello.