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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Eclipse Aerospace EA500: Walk-Around and Cockpit Briefing

By Carmelo Turdo Eclipse Aerospace EA500 and new EA550 are getting renewed attention in recent years as the newly-restructured company re-enters the Very Light Jet market.  The performance and price point of the aircraft are attractive to individuals and charter services who need extremely efficient jet performance at an inviting price (yes, under $3 million is very inviting).  The aircraft, in operation since 2007 (as the EA500), offers a single rated pilot and four passengers a great ride - zipping along at 375kts. at 41,000 feet for 1100 miles, burning only 60 gallons of gas per hour, in modern, pressurized comfort. Over 250 of the original EA500 VLJs were sold, and more are being upgraded to the Total Eclipse current production standard.  The EA550 offers the same performance in new-build aircraft with upgraded systems and full warranties and support for airframe and engine from Eclipse Aerospace and Pratt & Whitney Canada. 

The Aero Experience has been featuring the Eclipse EA500 in various posts since we noticed several of the aircraft regularly landing at St. Louis Downtown Airport.  After several conversations with company co-founder and local resident Mike Press, we began to look for new opportunities to learn about the aircraft.  We have also featured Ken Ross, President of Global Services, who has a great enthusiasm for the aircraft and is always willing to show it off.  During the 2012 Great Plains Air Expo, Ross was very accommodating, opening the jet for our inspection and demonstrating the Integrated Flight Management System.  We will now take another look at the EA500 we toured last year, and bring you into the cockpit for our demo:


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Gerald Jackson said...

I developed an interest in planes from a very young age. I would frequently help my grandfather design his toy airplanes, he collected them as a hobby. I always dreamed about flying them and managing my own charter service. I'm working on making this dream into a reality. Thanks for the inspiration!