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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Midwest Aviation Conference and Trade Show Opens with Safety Seminar, Exhibits

By Carmelo Turdo
Dave Pressy
The Midwest Aviation Conference and Trade Show began early this morning with a series of aviation safety programs sponsored by the Greater St. Louis Flight Instructors Association (GSLFIA) at the Maryland Heights Centre in St. Louis County.  The Flight Instructor Revalidation Clinic was held concurrently with the Super Safety Seminar, and attendees of both mingled with trade show exhibitors into the early afternoon.  Event organizer and GSLFIA President Dave Pressy opened the program after assisting exhibitors as they set up their displays.  Following the opening remarks, a series of engaging seminars were presented by familiar experts in the aviation safety field:

Jeff Edwards, President of AvSafe accident investigation and reconstruction consultants
Al Gorthy, Assistant Manager for Runway Safety in the FAA Central Region
Fred Harms, FAA Principle Ops Inspector and former FAASTeam Manager
...and special guest speaker...
Steve Nagel, Col. USAF (ret.) and former Space Shuttle Astronaut

Here are some scenes from today's sessions and trade show:

Jeff Edwards of AvSafe gets the attention of the attendees

Astronaut Steve Nagel introduces the U.S. Space Program

MPA Gateway Chapter provided breakfast

Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum Exhibit

Air Associates of Missouri Exhibit

Ideal Aviation FBO Exhibit

St. Charles Flying Service FBO Exhibit 

Southwestern Illinois College Exhibit

EAA Chapter 32 Exhibit

FAA Security and Hazardous Materials Office (on left) Exhibit

Greater St. Louis Chapter of the Ninety-Nines

Women With Wings St. Louis Chapter Exhibit


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