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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Thunder Over Louisville Preview: Air Show Brings Variety of Aerial Entertainment, Blue Angels Excitement

By Carmelo Turdo
By Leo Cachat
Thunder Over Louisville is ready to rock the riverfront this afternoon with a variety of airshow performers that is sure to keep all eyes glued to the skies.  Then aerial entertainment will range from Nick Coleman in his tiny Tailorcraft to the sweeping formations of Team Aerodynamics, and from the chugging radial engines of the T-28s from the Trojan Horsemen to the grace and power of the U.S. Air Force F-22A Raptor stealth fighter and the U.S. Navy Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Squadron.  The Aero Experience was in Louisville Friday for the airshow practice sessions and kick off our Midwest airshow season with our Thunder Over Louisville preview, with more highlights appearing in the coming week.  Special thanks to the Kentucky Derby Festival and Thunder Over Louisville staff for assisting The Aero Experience in our coverage of the festivities this year.  


 Team Aerodynamix

Flash Gordon L-39 Albatross

U.S. Navy Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Squadron 

Billy Werth Christen Eagle 450

Lima Lima Team

The Trojan Horsemen


Lee Leet Super Tucano

Ace Maker T-33 Shooting Star

John Klatt  MXS

USAF F-22A Demonstration Team and Heritage Flight with P-51 Mustangs

Nick Coleman T-Craft

Red Stars

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