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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Jefferson County Air Festival Brings Local Community to Festus Memorial Airport for Day of High-Flying Fun, Part 2

By Carmelo Turdo
The Festus Memorial Airport welcomed the local community to the Jefferson County Air Festival last Sunday for a day of high-flying fun.  Throughout the day, visitors, many with children in tow, streamed onto the airport grounds to experience aviation personally through some of the well-organized activities prepared by Festival volunteers.  A Cessna 150 was open for future pilots of all ages to examine, and a Certified Flight Instructor was available to answer questions about flight training.  Other aircraft from nearby airports were also on static display.  But most of the action was skyward, starting with rides in general aviation aircraft and a Robinson R44 helicopter.  Members of the Show Me RC Airshows flew their large scale radio-controlled aircraft throughout the day, defying gravity as they hovered over the runway for the crowd.  Skydivers from Festus-based Fly Free Skydiving made smoke trails as they drifted down to the airport in their colorful parachutes.  The afternoon was capped with a performance by Brian Correll and Bob Richards, two Pitts Special pilots performing together as Team Vortex. 

The Aero Experience was pleased to assist the Festus Memorial Airport staff by providing coverage of the Jefferson County Air Festival as a great example of a Midwest Aviation community event.  In Part 2, we present highlights of the day's activities while focusing on audience participation.  Special thanks to the Festus Airport staff and event volunteers for their hospitality and helpfulness during the event.

The Crowds Gather for the Day's Activities

Many Visitors Took Flights in General Aviation Aircraft and a Robinson R22 Helicopter


Aircraft from Neighboring Airports Were on Display

Show Me RC Airshow Radio-Controlled Aircraft Demonstration

Fly Free Skydiving Provided Skydiving Demonstrations and Tandem Jumps

Brian Correll and Bob Richards Performed as Team Vortex


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