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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Year In Aviation Service: Fund Donor Nominates Annie's Hope as Exemplary Service Organization

The Aero Experience has launched the Year In Aviation Service theme for 2016, and already we are reaching out to our community to recognize service organizations as part of our fund-raising campaign.  Included in our coverage will be a regular rotation of stories and events highlighting the use of aviation to serve others in unique ways.  

The Aero Experience coverage of these Aviation in Service stories can only be accomplished through the generous contributions of sponsors and advertisers through the 2016 Aviation In Service Fund.  To encourage businesses and individuals to contribute to this fund, we offer the donors the opportunity to nomine a charitable service organization of their choice for placement in our prime ad column space.  The ad will be exposed to thousands of current and potential customers, providing a direct link to the charity’s website.   
Our first service organization, nominated by Anna Cornett, is Annie's Hope, The Bereavement Center for Kids.  Inspired by the courage of a young cancer patient named Annie, Founder and Executive Director Becky Byrne began the St. Louis Bereavement Center for Young People (later Annie's Hope) in 1997 to provide support groups for about 50 families.  Currently, Annie's Hope provides 10 different family counseling programs to over 3,000 families per year, including those at Camp Courage and Camp Erin, with 10 employees and over 300 volunteers.  Annie's Hope receives referrals from family members, schools, hospitals and other health care professionals who trust the quality of their services.  The Aero Experience is proud to include Annie's Hope as a nominated service organization for the next month, and we encourage our audience to support their work through your generous donations.
For further details on the Year In Aviation Service Fund, please visit the GoFundMe 2016 Aviation In Service Fund site and help us promote not only aviation service, but other groups our that donors nominate for recognition!

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