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The Aero Experience is a celebration of Midwest aviation and aerospace achievement. We invite you to join us as we explore the treasures of Midwest aviation through first-hand experiences. Our contributors take turns flying lead, and we are always looking for new destinations. Check in with The Aero Experience frequently to see where we will land today, and then go out and have your own aero experiences!

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016: Year In Aviation Service Begins

The Aero Experience begins 2016 by including the Year In Aviation Service theme in our continuing coverage of Midwest Aviation.  Included in our coverage will be a regular rotation of stories and events highlighting the use of aviation to serve mankind and nature in unique ways, including in use of aviation to support:
Emergency and charitable medical and on-going therapeutic services;
Veterans and First Responders needing assistance before, during and after service;
Nature conservation through species protection;
Media productions and community events supporting charitable causes;
Youth programs that promote life skills and positive role models;
Other related stories as discovered or suggested by our audience.

The Aero Experience coverage of these Aviation in Service stories can only be accomplished through the generous contributions of sponsors and advertisers through the 2016 Aviation In Service Fund.  To encourage businesses and individuals to contribute to this fund, we offer advertising for a nominated charity in our prime ad column space.  The ad will be exposed to thousands of current and potential customers, providing a direct link to the charity’s website.       
2016 Year In Aviation Service Fund Advertising Plan:

Donor nominates a charity to be featured in the ad/link – 1 month-long ad for each $50 donated; multiples of $50 can extend the same ad for additional months or include other charity ads for one month each

Donor and The Aero Experience agree on the charity to be represented

One logo/link ad with donor recognition will be posted in right column prime advertising space

Promotion of the charity in the ad will be made through social media

Charity logo/link will remain on 2016 Year In Aviation Service introductory story throughout 2016 along with all charities nominated by donors.  
Please consider a generous contribution to highlight your favorite charity and help The Aero Experience bring out the best in the aviation community throughout 2016! 

Click on the link above to make your contribution and nominate a charity in the comments area.

About The Aero Experience

The Aero Experience is a celebration of Midwest Aviation and aerospace achievement. Our contributors strive to provide original media material that we gather from our base in St. Louis, MO for the enjoyment of enthusiasts worldwide.  We regularly contribute media coverage of Air Associates, Fly Now! Productions, ExtremeFlight Airshows, Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum, Missouri Aviation Historical Society, and St. Louis Biplane Rides.  Photography and background material has been provided for articles in Aviation Week, Arabian Aerospace Magazine, World Airshow News, Aviation News Journal, Skyways Magazine, Mentor Monitor Magazine, numerous aviation group newsletters and local news publications. 

The Aero Experience has contributed to significant media productions, including:

Emmy Nominated HEC-TV Specials:
Explore! Flying, October 2014 (Emmy Nominated)
Impact: Honor Flight for 92 Year Old Tom Mohan November 2014 (Emmy Nominated)  

Feature-Length Movie and Promotional Book:
Fly Now! The Movie, October 2015; Fly Now! book, December 2015

Regional Events:
Midwest Airport Fun Days, St. Louis Downtown Airport, June 2014
NIFA Safecon Region 6 Competition St. Louis University Parks College, October 2015

The Aero Experience will continue to expand our coverage of Midwest Aviation and promote 2016 as the Year In Aviation Service.  Join our team and support our efforts through sponsorships, advertising and donations to the Aviation In Service Fund today.   

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