Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Air Associates Alpha Pilot Academy Adds Commercial Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Services

By Carmelo Turdo
Air Associates, the premier Midwest Cessna Pilot Center and aviation services provider, continues to offer top-quality flight training at its St. Louis, MO and Olathe, KS locations.  The flight training program, called Alpha Pilot Academy, embodies the best practices of the pilot training profession and helps make learning to fly a practical goal for young and old alike.   

The Alpha Pilot Academy offers flight training packages to fit just about anyone's schedule and budget.  A First Flight option gives an opportunity to get into the air possibly for the first time.  The Pilot Quick Start package offers the student pilot a series of five lessons leading up to a supervised local flight.  A student pilot can continue flight training to obtain Sport, Private, Instrument, Certified Flight Instructor and multi-engine  certifications using the modern Cessna fleet and leading-edge Redbird full-motion simulators.  For those seeking a professional pilot degree, Air Associates provides flight training as an affiliate to Liberty University and Kansas State University.    

Alpha Pilot Academy now offers commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) services to individuals and businesses that need to collect aerial imagery for authorized purposes, including:

  • Marketing of products and services
  • Inspection of buildings or equipment
  • Photography and video production projects
  • Real Estate development
  • other related business activities
 Air Associates Alpha Pilot Academy provides these services according to FAA regulations for commercial UAS operators, and is ready to contribute to your next aerial imagery project.  Contact Alpha Pilot Academy today for details.

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