Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Air Associates Settles Into New Maintenance Hangar Location at Spirit of St. Louis Airport

By Carmelo Turdo
Air Associates has moved into a larger maintenance facility at Spirit of St. Louis Airport, ushering in a new era of service excellence to the Midwest Aviation community.  Air Associates continues to operate the flight training, aircraft rental and fleet service from its facility on the north apron, while the main maintenance operation is now located in the center bay of Hangar 9, just around the corner facing the south apron.  The change of location gives Air Associates more room to service a greater number and wider variety of aircraft to meet customer needs.   

Air Associates Maintenance Director
Jeremy McInturff
The Aero Experience met with Air Associates Maintenance Director Jeremy McInturff at the new facility recently to get an update on the operation.  "The hangar has more space and is conveniently located," McInturff explained.  "We service piston-engine aircraft here and can also do inspections on turboprop aircraft as well," he continued.  A variety of aircraft types were represented that day - Beechcraft, Cessna, Cirrus, and even the Civil Air Patrol's GA-8 Airvan.  "We have the maintenance contract for the Missouri Wing Civil Air Patrol fleet, including 100 hour and annual inspections," McInturff added.  Along with the Airvan, Civil Air Patrol makes use of Cessna 182 aircraft to support its missions of aerospace education, cadet program and emergency services.

Air Associates continues to offer excellent customer service at the new location.  "We make sure to interact personally with the customer at the beginning of the process, and through the milestones of the job.  Most customers will stay involved with us during the job and give feedback on what they want done, especially when new issues with the aircraft are discovered," McInturff said.  He added that Air Associates also works with the customer concerning deposits and payment plans for work performed, especially on long-term projects.  

One long-term project is a Beechcraft Bonanza that received an engine overhaul, wing-tip fuel tanks, LED lighting and other updates.  Air Associates is also recognized by the American Bonanza Society as the only Prepurchase Inspection Facility in Missouri.




Daily work at the new location is keeping the staff busy, and there are currently open A&P mechanic positions.  Contact Air Associates for details.  


For more information about the Air Associates maintenance services at Spirit of St. Louis Airport, see our previous feature story on The Aero Experience and Air Associates' Maiintenance Department web page.

The Aero Experience thanks Air Associates Maintenance Director Jeremy McInturff and the entire staff for their hospitality and assistance with this story.

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