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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Smithville Lake Air Show: Midwest Aerial Entertainment By Land and By Sea

By Leo Cachat
The Aero Experience was back again for the second consecutive year at the Clay County Smithville Lake Air Show.  This year's airshow again proved to be a tremendous aerial event and a great Midwest Aviation experience.  

Upon arrival at the Midwest National Air Center, the airport hosting the Jesse James Outlaw Air Show later this year in August, I met John McCullaugh, a fellow photographer and friend of The Aero Experience.  We talked about this year's airshow and shared some stories while we waited for Jeff Shetterly, Lee Crouch , Brian Correll and Vincent Hill to coordinate the air to air photo shoot they were about to launch.  

Following the photo flight, the air show briefing was held and then it was off to meet up with the Missouri State Patrol Marine Division at Smithville Lake as I would be on the water in one of their boats to photograph the show.  This type of photography comes with it's own challenges, which I enjoy, and allows for a unique perspective of the aircraft flying in the show.

The flying itself was superb.  Brian Correll started off the show flying Jake Landis' black and yellow Pitts:

The Beech Nuts were next with a unique formation flight of various Beechcraft aircraft, including a beautiful missing man tribute:

As the Beech Nuts exited the show box, Bob Richards came diving into the show box in his red and white Pitts, flying a great show and occasionally flying low and slow over the water giving everyone a great look at his aircraft:

Sam Graves and Jeff Shetterly flew in formation to the delight of everyone in attendance.  Graves flew the AT-6 Texan with German markings and Shetterly flew his newly painted SNJ.  The unmistakable sound of the two big radial engines and the whining of the props filled the air as they made several passes through the box:

Jeff Shetterly then flew his aerobatic routine in the SNJ flying beautiful loops and  barrel rolls and a low dirty pass just above the water:

Greg Shetterly flew his Ruhn DR-107 One Design red, white and black aerobatic plane like a pro: 

Vincent Hill and the KC Flight Team took their turns impressing the Clay County Smithville Lake Air Show.  Hill flew his very attractive chrome and red T-28 Trojan across the showline several times in high speed, low altitude passes.  Then the KC Flight team flew several different formations above Smithville Lake:

Brian Correll and Bob Richards teamed up for the finale of this years show flying their Team Vortex act, consisting of several opposing maneuvers designed to get the adrenaline going for those watching from the ground:

The Aero Experience would like to thank Lee Crouch for inviting us to cover this great event.  We look forward to our return trip in August for the Jesse James Outlaw Air Show, which promises to be one of the best shows in the Midwest Aviation for 2016.

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