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Monday, August 29, 2016

Airports in Action: Farmington Regional Airport Supports Civilian and Military Aviation Traffic

By Fred Harl
The Midwest Aviation community supports a large number of airports that provide support services and basing opportunities for a wide variety of aircraft.  More importantly, the airports contribute significantly to their local and regional economies and provide a stage for the engagement of the public in joining the aviation community.  In the new series, "Airports In Action," The Aero Experience team will report on our visits to Midwest Aviation airports and encourage our audience to visit them on a future flight or public event.  Many of our previous posts include visits to great Midwest airports, and a search for the airport name on this site will help locate those stories as well.  

In this edition of the series, we feature Farmington Regional Airport, our southeast Missouri base of operations.  The city-owned airport has undergone several updates in recent years, including improved terminal facility and fuel services. Maintenance services are also available at the airport.  Runway 2/20 is 75'x4222' concrete surface, and there is significant ramp space and hangar capacity. The airport master plan includes an extension of the runway to 5,000'.  The 2012 MODOT Missouri Statewide Economic Impact Study reports that Farmington Regional Airport contributes a $4.6 million total economic output.

The airport will participate in the 2016 Parkland Balloon Festival on September 10.  Airport activities will include helicopter rides and drone races, and balloon rides, concerts and family fun activities will be provided in surrounding park areas. 

The following photos show the variety of civilian and military aircraft seen at Farmington Regional Airport over the last few months.  We thank the airport management and aircraft crews for their hospitality.



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