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Monday, March 6, 2017

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2016: Experimental Aircraft - Biplanes!

Fred Harl and Carmelo Turdo aircraft come in many shapes and sizes, and one of those shapes is the biplane.  Old designs or new, the biplane configuration is still a good choice for strength and performance.  The models featured here are variations of the same theme.  We have a three examples from the giant field of homebuilt dreams:

Hatz CB-1


The Hatz CB-1 was designed by John Hatz for the homebuilt aircraft market in the 1960s as a follow-up to the Waco products.  The less complex steel tube fuselage and Spruce wing structure were designed to be more builder-friendly.  Engines producing 85-150 horsepower can be fitted, and 20-33 gallons of fuel are available depending on the tank configuration.  This example was built and flown by Mark Lightsey. 

Marquart MA-5

The Marquart MA-5 Charger was developed by Ed Marquart and first flew in 1970.  The two-seat aircraft was based on the single-seat MA-4, and uses a similar welded steel and wood construction as the Hatz designs but with a more modern look.  The aircraft are made from plans, not kits, and the design has been in the public domain since Marquart's death in 2007.  The aircraft pictured is John Lake's 2016 Plans Outstanding Workmanship Award winner. 

Pitts Model 12

The Pitts Model 12 was rolled out on Curtis Pitts' 80th birthday in December of 1995 and flown the following March.  It was designed around the Russian M14P/PF 360-400hp radial engine, and combines aerobatic performance with vintage era looks.  The Model 12 can be built from plans, kits or complete aircraft by Jim Kimball Enterprises (JKE) in Zellwood, FL.  Pictured here is Keith Campbell's Model 12 built by JKE and named, Time Flies.

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