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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

2017 Midwest LSA Expo Attracts Leading LSA Brands to the Heartland, Part 2: A Look at the LSA Types Offered This Year

By Carmelo Turdo
The highly-anticipated 2017 Midwest LSA Expo was another great success last weekend at Mount Vernon Outland Airport in central Illinois.  The Midwest LSA Expo is a very important marketplace for the Light Sport Aircraft manufacturers to demonstrate their products for serious customers.  The focus of the event is to place aircraft buyers and sellers in one convenient location.  Aircraft suppliers and customers come from across the country and Canada to this event, further illustrating the importance of the Midwest LSA Expo to the growth of the aviation community beyond the region.  The event organizers have established an excellent reputation for making everyone's experience during the event a pleasant one.

By Mark Nankivil
The Aero Experience team was again at Mount Vernon Outland Airport to report on this great Midwest Aviation event and show the various Light Sport Aircraft represented Thursday and Friday.  We will continue our coverage with a series of photos of each manufacturer's aircraft types.  Once again, we thank Airport Manager Chris Collins, his staff and event volunteers for their hospitality and assistance in producing our 2017 coverage.   
(MW LSA Expo graphic)

The apron was neatly organized with the Light Sport Aircraft manufacturers displaying examples of their factory and owner-built models.  We bring to you some views of the Light Sport Aircraft types offered at this year's event, and present a catalogue of sorts that may spark an interest in this area of aviation.  The LSA, per FAA regulation, is limited to having up to two seats, weigh a maximum of 1320lbs at takeoff, have only one engine, and have a maximum speed of 138mph in level flight (among other restrictions).  LSAs are both factory-built and experimental (built from a kit or from plans).  The Third Class Medical Certificate is not required for new pilots or current pilots not having failed the Third Class Medical Certificate previously.  The LSA category was meant to fill the gap between general aviation and ultralight aircraft and to stabilize the pilot population.

The Light Sport Aircraft industry has produced a variety of high and low wing designs that are generally configured for cruising or STOL (short takeoff and landing) performance.  Many LSA models were designed in Europe, where the "ultralight" (as they refer LSA) had been in development before it was popular in the U.S.  The need for more efficient, shorter-range personal aircraft in the European context has formed the basis of the current LSA industry.  The aircraft types featured here will illustrate the design philosophies well.

Aeropilot Legend 600:

Czech Sport Aircraft Sport Cruiser:

I.C.P. Savannah S

JMB Aircraft VL3

Just STOL: (Courtesy of Robert Kaufman) 

Magni M-16:


The Aero Experience was saddened to hear of the passing of Mount Vernon Airport volunteer and ultralight pilot, Steve Watts.  We enjoyed visiting with him in the past and missed him this year.

Mount Vernon Outland Airport photos

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