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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Midwest LSA Expo Features Variety of Light Sport Aircraft Offerings to Customers

By Carmelo Turdo
(MW LSA Expo graphic)
The highly-anticipated 2017 Midwest LSA Expo is in its third day at Mount Vernon Outland Airport in central Illinois.  The Midwest LSA Expo is a very important marketplace for the Light Sport Aircraft manufacturers to demonstrate their products for serious customers.  The focus of the event is to place aircraft buyers and sellers in one convenient location.  Aircraft suppliers and customers come from across the country and Canada to this event, further illustrating the importance of the Midwest LSA Expo to the growth of the aviation community beyond the region.  The event organizers have established an excellent reputation for making everyone's experience during the event a pleasant one.

By Mark Nankivil
The Aero Experience team was again at Mount Vernon Outland Airport to report on this great Midwest Aviation event and show the various Light Sport Aircraft represented Thursday and Friday.  We will feature a brief survey here of those aircraft on exhibit, and we will post several stories this week to present a more in-depth look at each manufacturer's aircraft types.  Once again, we thank Airport Manager Chris Collins, his staff and event volunteers for their hospitality and assistance in producing our 2017 coverage.      

The apron was neatly organized with the Light Sport Aircraft manufacturers displaying examples of their factory and owner-built models.  Some of the LSA models available included:

Aeropilot Legend 600

Aeroprakt A22LS

Aeropro Aerotrek A240

Airplane Factory Sling  

Belite Chipper 

BRM Aero Bristell 

CubCrafters Carbon Cub

Czech Sport Aircraft Sport Cruiser

Ekolot KR-010-ELF

Ekolot KR-030LS Topaz

Flying Legend Tucano 
ICP Savannah S

JMB Aircraft VL3

Magni M-16 

Paradise Aircraft P1 

Rainbow Sky Reach Bushcat

Rans S-19 

Rans S-20LS

TL Ultralight Sting 4

Vans RV-12 

Zenith Aircraft CH-750 

Zlin Aviation Savage

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