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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Union City, TN Great American Airshow Sampler - Big-Name Performers, Friendly Small-Town Atmosphere

By Carmelo Turdo
Union City, TN hosted the Great American Airshow in the skies over Discovery Park of America on Saturday. The lineup for the airshow included top-tier aerial entertainers, including Patrick McAlee Airshows, while the atmosphere in the park remained friendly and fun. The base of operations was nearby Everett-Stewart Regional Airport, where the aircraft were serviced and the crews briefed for the airshow with Air Boss Bob Connor of CapConn. The Aero Experience was on site at the airport and Discovery Park of America to cover the event from all angles. In this first in a series of stories on the Great American Airshow, we present a survey of the venues and the performers, with much more to come later in the week. We thank the airshow and airport staff for their hospitality during our visit.

Everett-Stewart Regional Airport, Union City, TN 

Crew briefing at the airport 

Crowds gather at Discovery Park of America 

Airshow opens with skydivers circled by Randy Henderson in his Stearman 450

RV-8 solo performance by Tommy Palmer

Pitts S-1GT flown by Patrick McAlee 

AT-6G Texan flown by Eric Hollingsworth

RV aircraft flown by the Bulldog Flight Formation Team

Curtiss-Wright Travel Air Speedwing flown by Mike Rinker 

CAP-232 flown by Aerobatic Champion Debby Rihn-Harvey 

Stearman 450 flown by Randy Henderson, Texas-T-Cart Airshows 

The Aero Experience will have more coverage of the Great American Airshow in the coming week!

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