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Friday, March 15, 2019

Grissom Center to be Dedicated at the Space Museum in Bonne Terre, Missouri

By Carmelo Turdo
The Aero Experience visited The Space Museum today ahead of tomorrow's dedication of the new Grissom Center in Bonne Terre, MO. The Grissom Center, named for astronaut Virgil I. "Gus" Grissom, tells the story of the U.S. space program with emphasis on manned exploration from the Mercury spacecraft to the Space Shuttle years. The displays are neatly and logically arranged, with a mix of original space hardware, models and documents that lend authenticity to the exhibits. The museum is supported in part by McDonnell Douglas retirees, some of whom directly contributed to the development and production of the Mercury and Gemini spacecraft in St. Louis. Saturday's formal event passes are sold out, but walk-ins will be welcomed at the 10:00 A.M. dedication and will receive anytime passes for a future visit. Photos from our visit to the Grissom Center appear below, the first featuring (L-R) Space Museum President Earl Mullins, George Leopold, author of Calculated Risk: The Supersonic Life and Times of Gus Grissom, and Lowell Grissom.

The Aero Experience will be on site at the Grissom Center Saturday. Check back next week for our team coverage of this great Midwest Aerospace event! 

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